Interested in mobility data in general? Michelin launched this summer a new Data as a Service platform dedicated to mobility data businesses. The objective is to combine internal and external data to create datasets with a focus on growth generation.

The Michelin group has today a wide range of mobility activities that generate a wide range of data like vehicles, tires, location, drivers data, ...

Given that innovation and engineering are in the DNA of the organization, the group has been able to set up a qualified team to run this ambitious project during 2021. After a few months, during the summer, the first datasets were published on the site (samples to download).
Michelin Mobility Platform has great ambitions and fits perfectly into the group's strategy.

The first datasets published are essentially tire's related but the initiative has already started to integrate external data to enrich its products.
In the batch of datasets currently available, we have data from a motorsports application called Michelin Track Connect, commercial tire data and data from RFID chips.



RFID data is very valuable for improving logistics processes. For a car manufacturer, RFID can help eliminate time spent on certain low-value-added tasks. For example, when receiving tires, the team may spend time verifying the accuracy and compliance of the delivery.

Managing tire stock may also imply manually entering information in the inventory system. At several stages of the assembly line, it may need visual control points of the information on the tire sidewalls. Leveraging RFID technology can allow automate these tasks.

To discover deeper their datasets products, you should visit their website : https://mobilitydata.michelin.com/
They will be pleased to exchange and move forward on data projects.